Estate Planning

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Having your will done is so much more than just your will. After all, when your family needs a will you are gone. It is very helpful, but what is more important are the other documents that I include with my service. You are more likely to be incapacitated than to die. Think about it: how many times have you been under for surgery? Or been out with a concussion? Or been in an accident and can’t think straight for a little while? You can only die once, but you can be incapacitated many times in your life. If you don’t have the correct documents then everything can become a mess.

We tailor our services to those whom we serve. That way, you are sure you have all the documents that are necessary for your situation. Every client receives the following:

  • A will, trust, or estate planning document
  • A medical power of attorney
  • A financial power of attorney
  • A living will
  • A medical directives form (a non-binding document that tells your family what is most important to you in regards to your health and happiness.)
  • If appropriate, families with children will also receive guardianship designations and trusts for the children.

Younger clients who are hooked into the digital age also receive a unique service. I am the only attorney in Colorado who offers Digital Estate Planning. This Arvada lawyer will cover what will happen to all of your online accounts (think E-bay, Amazon, or Facebook), your e-mail accounts, your blogs, your websites, and the documents and pictures that you have on your computer. Without this planning your family could be overwhelmed by your digital estate.

We also offer other services to fit the unique situation of each client:

  • Will reviews and codicils if only small things need to be changed.
  • Trusts if you have children or grandchildren who you want to leave money.
  • Honorary trusts for your pets: we can ensure that they go to a good home and do not end up in the county shelter.
    Charitable giving through your estate: have programs like NPR, PBS, Big Brothers Big Sisters, a hospice foundation, a university, or any other charity made your life better? If so, consider leaving them a donation in your will. You could get a tax write off for the estate and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.
  • CPR Directives: did you know that only 2% of people who are in poor health who receive CPR actually survive the procedure? And only 2% of those people who survive live more than a year after the procedure? Did you know that CPR breaks your ribs and sternum and can puncture a lung? We can discuss if you want medical professionals to use CPR or not, and how you can get the CPR directive from your doctor.

If you need just one or a few of our services, we are happy to provide those as well on an individual hourly rate.

If you would want your emergency to go smoothly rather than cause agony to those you love, come talk to this Arvada, Colorado lawyer. No matter where you live in the Denver Metro, we are here to help you.

“This is the most caring, hard working, honest, dependable, lawyer. I am so glad that when I asked God to show me a good lawyer I found The Rutherford Law Center. Meggin has help my daughter in so many ways. I know that God is blessing Meggin for what she has done for us. I think Meggin Rutherford has went above and beyond Meggin rates a 10+ in my book.”

–Grandmother in Jefferson County

“They were very thorough and spoke in layman’s terms in my first meeting with her. She was patient but kept me to the deadlines of settling the estate. She kept in touch with me and the heirs through email, phone, and post contacts in a timely but not intrusive manner. She made helpful suggestions and explained next steps for her and for the client at each phase. I recommend her strongly for anyone who is the personal representative for an estate.”