As modern technology and access to the courts grows, the legal profession needs to grow and change with it. Unbundled representation provides assistance to people who can navigate the court system, but need some advice or guidance in the background. If you hire us as your unbundled attorney we help you behind the scenes. We answer questions, we guide you through paperwork, we provide advice, we help you feel comfortable with your options and choices. However, we do not enter into the court case for you. The significant difference in price is that we do not prepare for or attend hearings with you. Court requirements and appearances are the most expensive part of any case with an attorney. With unbundled you get the perks of legal advice without the cost of court appearances. If you decide later that you do need us to help you with your case in court we will be happy to convert to a full representation (a new retainer and engagement letter will be required).

Unbundled May Be Right For You If:

  • You have an agreement and the state forms, but you need help making sure everything is filled out correctly.
  • You feel confident in your ability to reach agreements, you just want to make sure that the agreements you reached are fair for you.
  • You have reached an agreement, but you need an hour of attorney time to review it so you are sure that you understand what you agreed to.
  • You have questions about what you need to do going forward (eg: starting a case, filing a motion, following orders, etc) and want guidance on what to do.
  • You just need to do a simple modification of child support, maintenance, or parenting time with the court and want guidance on that process.
  • You feel like you have questions that you want an attorney to answer that will take about an hour for meeting.

We Will help with the following:

  • Answer questions
  • Fill out paperwork **With required provisions regarding signature
  • Provide guidance on how/what/when to file or any other decisions.
  • Provide guidance on what to expect and how to act at court.
  • Review agreements
  • Provide legal advice on what is in your best interests.

We Might help with the following:

  • Talk to the other attorney to help settle your case.
  • Attend mediation with you, if that is in our agreement.
  • File a limited appearance entry for only one issue in your case.

We Will Not do the following with Unbundled only:

  • Enter into the court case on your behalf for the whole case.
  • Help you with any hearings at court.
  • Go to court with you.

You may choose to convert to a full representation if you find that you need more legal guidance than we have agreed in our contract. We are happy to help you if you choose to do so.

“Meggin was wonderful to work with. Originally hired her for her option to just help with legal advice and ended up needing her to represent me for my divorce that became complicated to handle on my own. She in the end was able to get my lengthy divorce handled out of court which saved me time out of work and money. She is very responsible in price and is on top of everything. She came to me highly recommend and I would recommend her to anyone that I know needing her services.”

–Mother in Denver County