Family Law Reviews

I am so grateful that I found this firm!  My divorce was very contentious and complex and dragging on. I started looking for a new attorney and I am SO HAPPY I found Lynne, Sara, Michelle, and the ENTIRE team at Rutherford Law! They answered all my questions, multiple times if necessary. The held up my dignity and well-being, looking out for me and my kids. I really had allies on my side for the 1st time in the whole process. They were always respectful  and made  certain I had full agency over my decisions. During a terrible time in my life I felt held, helped, and a bit more whole than when it started. I’m forever grateful for these women.
Jessica Scobel
Lynne and her team at Rutherford are professional, personable, effective, and efficient. Throughout the divorce process, I felt as though my needs were genuinely honored and respected. Lynne and Lindsay were even able to make me smile and laugh a few times. While navigating divorce (my first and only hopefully)  I was also handling my mother’s decline in health and transition into palliative care. This year has been the hardest of my life, and I know I wouldn’t have made it through in one piece without such a stellar lawyer. If you want a lawyer who is both experienced and compassionate,  Lynne Milford is an excellent choice.
Sharon Thiergartner
My first time going through my custody battle for my son was an awful experience. When I had to go back I found Meggin Rutherford. She was absolutely amazing. I have not met a lawyer who was as honest and upfront as she was. She was always very responsive when ever I had questions or concerns. She talked me through everything and made sure I understood what was happening and that I was ok with it. She never pushed me to go into a direction I was not comfortable with. She was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend her to everyone I know.
Brianna Vallejo
The Rutherford Law Center and in particular, Attorney Lynne Milford, handled my divorce case with professionalism and compassion.  Lynne was very responsive to my many logistical questions as well as supportive when it became emotionally overwhelming.  I always felt that she was “in my corner” and working for the best possible outcome for me AND my children.  Pricing and billing was very reasonable and the entire office was very transparent.  Thank you Lynne!
Alison Barnes
Lynne and the members of the Rutherford Law Center took the time to be caring, understanding, transparent and most of all logical through every step of the process.  They took a messy, emotional and mucky life event and made it logical, with both professionalism and caring.  Every step in the muck they made sure I was mentally prepared and understood what was happening.  It was because of them I was able to handle the stress of a divorce
Angela Cryan
I highly recommend The Rutherford Law Center, Meggin was very professional. Billing was straight forward. She did her research and developed a plan to help me get through a difficult divorce.  Don’t waste your money on big firms who only care about how many hours they can bill you. Call Rutherford Law and get a lawyer who will treat you right.
Paul Cardarelli
Lynne Milford and her paralegal Lindsay Hammond were prayers answered for me!  I had nothing but the utmost support from both of them and have no idea what I would have done or how I would have gotten through my GOD AWFUL divorce without them!  Thank you ladies both SO SO much!  I highly recommend working with Rutherford law, the entire staff was nothing short of a joy to work with and everyone was so extremely caring it made the process not only bearable but very smooth as well!
Jennifer Johnson-Meyers
I have been working with Meggin for about 4 years and I can not believe that I never thought before to give her and her firm the most amazing review possible.  Meggin has helped me in so many ways throughout the legal battles with my ex-husband.  As a single mom who has been a student struggling to start a career as a counselor, Meggin has been gracious, compassionate and generous to help me with with my struggle against an ex who makes almost 4x’s the money that I do.  She and everyone in her office have provided incredible services and I trust her completely in this process.  Make no mistake, there are plenty of attorney’s that will take advantage of situations to get billable hours, Meggin and her firm are not those attorneys. They are diligent, resourceful, and an ever-present help!! You will not regret choosing this firm!
Heather Parker
We contracted with Meggin Rutherford in the middle of a contentious divorce.  It took very little time for Meggin to get up to speed on all of the issues and she was able to help us with numerous problems that were caused by the previous attorney.  She was always able to answer our questions and spend as much time with us as was needed and counsel us on various issues. She always had a firm grasp on all of the issues. She is a strong advocate for her clients. Thank you Meggin.
G Casorla

Guardianship and Conservatorship

We greatly appreciate the help that we received from Meggin and Tracy. Our father has dementia and his wife filed for divorce shortly after his diagnosis. With help from the Rutherford Law Center, we have been able to navigate the divorce and obtain guardianship. This is still very difficult for us, but we are managing and we are stable and we really appreciate the help that we received getting to this point.
Meggin and her team were great, they helped us out during a difficult time with working to get my mother’s estate in order and get her moved and set up for success.  They were quick to respond and quick with the work, and listened to what our needs were and were kind throughout the process.  I was very pleased with the professionalism, speed, and with the approach and attitudes of the people involved.
Frank Haug

Estate Planning

Meggin has been a godsend. She helped with estate planning and represented us, successfully, in court. She is professional and knowledgeable about her specialties. She was also good with referring for out-of-scope issues.
Dawn McDonough
We just had Meggin prepare estate plans for us and had a great experience.  Meggin and her team are very professional, honest and don’t try to sell you things you don’t need.  They respond promptly and we were able to do most of the work electronically so it was easy.  We highly recommend the Rutherford team.
Cecelia Collins
We were looking to get our estate planning done and could not have found a better group to handle our needs.  The process was very seemless and straightforward.  They answered all of our questions and brought up many different scenarios we had not thought about.  We now have the peace of mind that everything will be done as we wish.  Debby and Tracy treated us like family and we could count on their expertise to address everything we needed.
Mary Guest
Jodie Gilbert was smooth, fast and efficient. She was knowledgeable, honest, and thorough. She was a pleasure to work with; she helped us to plan our future needs. We are very pleased to have a plan for our family in place. We highly recommend Jodie Gilbert as an estate lawyer.
Simin and Dennis
I used this Jodie to craft my estate planning documents. Everything about the process was seamless and made me feel supportive. Jodie did an amazing job of explaining the process and documents. She  took the time to ask and learn about my concerns and goals. She also was great at identifying gaps and discussing with me how to address them. I highly recommend Jodie and the firm.
Alexia McCaskill
Attorney Jodie Gilbert couldn’t have been more helpful and reassuring when I needed to restructure my estate plan for my newly-reconfigured future. Her expertise is apparent in everything she does.  Her professionalism and overall manor is both comforting and empowering.  She explains everything, walking through every scenario, with guidance and clarity.  Jodie helped my family and me when we needed her most.  We will be coming back for years to come.
Emily O’Brien


Going through divorce is a hard emotional rollercoaster that no-one is as prepared for as they think.  Megan and Rutherford Law worked with my wife and I as well as my mortgage Lender to make the process as painless as possible.  I will recommend their services all day, everyday.  Thank you so much Meggin and Debbie.
Colbie Allen


I would give 10 stars if I could. My family not only had an unexpected death of a loved one without a Will, but also had their adult children surface after 40 of being estranged to collect. After being left with nothing but all the difficult decisions we had to make, Meggin and her team aided us at each step along the way with empathy and true heartfelt care. I am forever grateful we chose Rutherford Law.
Laura Somogye

Permanent Protection Order

Thank you Rutherford Law Center! We used your services to secure a Permanent Protection Order for a family member after applying for and receiving a Temporary Protection Order. That meant that we had only two weeks to prepare, file the appropriate paperwork, and talk with witnesses as well as manage the anxiety and fear that had caused us to file for protection in the first place. It was such a relief to be in your capable hands throughout this experience. You helped us to understand the process, expectations for being in front of the judge, and how to explain our case both succinctly and clearly. You stood beside us with empathy, kindness and rock-solid competence. In the end, our family member was granted the Protection Order and can now move forward without worry. Thank you again, we highly recommend your services!
Leslie Dahn

Other Services

Before going to The Rutherford Law center I had a bad experience with a previous lawyer and ended up looking for a new lawyer to do the job that my previous lawyer had not done. I found The Rutherford Law center through a friend’s referral and I was so glad I did! The Rutherford Law center was an amazing company to work with. I worked with them for several months and never had any bad experiences with them. They are very professional and great at what they do! Brittany Cooper was the amazing lawyer that I worked with through my court case and I never had any doubt about how well she would do. I will definitely go to them in the future if I need any legal help. I would also definitely recommend their team if you are in need of legal help and want a company that will put your interests first, be professional and purposeful, not extremely expensive (like some other lawyers), and if you want someone who will fight for you in court. Thank you Brittany and the rest of your legal team my experience working with you guys was amazing!!
Becca Rocco
The Rutherford Law Center was referred to me by a friend and I am so thankful for the recommendation.
Tracy Nolan served as my legal counsel and I  was very pleased with her professionalism, advocacy, attention to detail, expertise and ability to help me navigate the complicated and complex legal system. She looked into the situation from every angle and ensured that I was comfortable with the process every step of the way. In all, I am very pleased with the outcome of the case as it has brought closure and peace of mind for my family and I given the unfortunate situation. I hope I never need to seek legal services again, however if I do I now have someone I’d trust to work with again—highly recommend.
Thuy Phan
My partner (Kathy) and I highly recommend this law firm for help in preparing wills, trusts, advance directives, medical powers of attorney, etc etc., especially for the LGBTQ community.  Meggin Rutherford and her staff are all wonderful!  Professional, competent, and personable… and at a very reasonable cost.  Can’t ask for better!
Teresa Timmons