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What is a Living Will?

A common misunderstanding we face is about living wills.  Because it has the name “will” in it, people sometimes think its about their debts and assets.  But that is not the case.  Sometimes people get it confused with a living trust, which is another name for a revocable trust.  But its not that either. A […]

Guardian and Conservator Timeline

Heading Extra Guardianship/Conservatorship Timeline It is hard and scary when your elder loved one cannot take care of themselves or their money any more.  While the court system to get someone appointed to help may seem daunting, you can get through with some help and the right navigation.  Many people are confused about what to […]

Estate Planning and Retirement Planning

Heading Extra For Even More Information About Estate Planning, Download Our Free E-Book HERE As you prepare for your future you want to make sure that you are protected, and that your family is protected as well.  This includes retirement planning for yourself and any spouse, to ensure that you will have the income you […]

What Are My Estate Planning Documents?

Estate Planning at the Rutherford Law Center is so much more than a will.  It is personalized attention to each client, and detailed answers to every question.  Our assistance doesn’t just end when you sign your documents.  We continue to be available to answer questions and provide telephone guidance for common situations.  Your estate planning […]

Why Attorneys Love Online Wills

There is a well known fact among trust and estates attorneys: online wills are actually better for business than doing the will for them in the first place.  Why? Because messy probates are always way more expensive than doing the estate package.  If they do an online will then it is much more likely their […]