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Cooperative Divorce Arbitration: Best of Both Worlds

Cooperative Divorce Arbitration: Best of Both Worlds   We at RLC are dedicated to out-of-court solutions for families.  We particularly like cooperative divorce and collaborative law.  There are so many benefits: You are in charge of the outcome. A judge and their process does not control your family. We can move at your pace—fast or […]

Married But Separated: What You Need to Know

Married But Separated: What You Need To Know   Many people stay married but separated for a while before deciding to file for divorce.  That can be a good idea so that you are sure that divorce is right for you.  But if you let it continue for too long there can be problems.  See […]

Colorado Divorce Timeline

How to Get a Divorce In Colorado While we all try to avoid divorce, sometimes it’s inevitable.  We work with our clients to find solutions that help everyone in their family be healthier in the long run.  One of the most important things we’ve found is helping our clients know what to expect in the […]

Why a Divorce Attorney Is a Good Investment

Heading Extra By Selena Besirevic, Senior Attorney Let’s be honest: no one wants to hire an attorney until they have to. No one goes into a marriage or has a child and thinks “I will need a family law attorney one day”. Unfortunately, that is not the reality and many people end up needing a […]

4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce

Heading Extra 4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce 1. Ask attorneys if they offer an unbundled option.  Unbundled representation is having an attorney in your back pocket.  They can help you with analysis, strategy, and figuring out if what the other side offered is fair or not.  They can also review agreements with […]

Child Custody in Colorado (Hint: It’s Not Custody)

Heading Extra By Meggin Rutherford We often hear the term “child custody” in our everyday language.  So when you are considering a divorce or a break up from your child’s other parent, you’re probably worried about what the custody arrangement will be.      In Colorado, you won’t hear the term child custody.  It is […]

Coping With Divorce: Don’t Say It, Burn It

Heading Extra By Meggin Rutherford I like to think of myself as a fairly even-tempered person.  Perhaps even unflappable.  I am so rarely bothered or worked up by something that others in the office will comment if I’m upset.  But there are those times.  We all have them.  Someone has said or done something that […]

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Heading Extra Collaborative Divorce is a different way to get a divorce out of court.  You will be supported by settlement specialist professionals in order to reach the best result for your whole family.  Learn about how you can have a healthy and peaceful divorce so that you can move on with your life.    […]

Attorney Choices: Full Representation vs. Unbundled

Heading Extra By Selena Besirevic             Choosing the right attorney for your family matter is not and should not be easy. You are in a situation that you most likely never expected to be, whether it’s a decision to get a divorce or you are in a custody battle. You are about to embark on […]

Mediation Benefits and Risks

Heading Extra By Selena Besirevic, Senior Attorney Not every case has to end up in Court and before a Judge. Skilled attorneys will know which case has to go to Court and which case can and should be resolved outside of Court. Going to trial is not always what is best for that person or […]