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What is Mediation and How Could It Help Me?
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What is Mediation and How Could It Help Me?

By Lynne Milford Some Thoughts on Mediation Mediation is an opportunity to resolve differences by using proven tactics for negotiation and compromise to reach solutions which can be acceptable to both parties in a disagreement.  Often an experienced mediator can identify interests of the parties in a dispute which are not really contentious or not really…

Divorce: Don’t Do It Alone!

By Lynne Milford It Takes a Village You know the saying “It takes a village…” right?  Well, that applies not only to raising children to be solid, emotionally healthy, conscientious adults, but also to you if you are going through a divorce.  Divorce can be scary and frustrating and emotionally overwhelming…even if you don’t have children….

Divorce Pitfalls: The Three Biggest Mistakes with Separate Property

This next installment in the Divorce Pitfalls series is about separate property.  One of the biggest mistakes we see is people not understanding and protecting their separate property.   If you’re unsure what is separate property and what is marital property, see our blog Separate Property in Divorce: Keeping What Is Yours. Mistake #1:  Titling separate…

Collaborative Divorce Vs Litigated Divorce: What’s the Difference?

By: Meggin Rutherford People have often heard the worst about divorce court.  They are not necessarily wrong.  Collaborative Divorce is an excellent way to get a divorce without going to court.  Learn how they are the same and different below: The same: Full and complete financial disclosures. 2 attorneys (optional in litigation). Mediator/Neutral (mediation is…