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Cooperative Divorce Arbitration: Best of Both Worlds

Cooperative Divorce Arbitration: Best of Both Worlds   We at RLC are dedicated to out-of-court solutions for families.  We particularly like cooperative divorce and collaborative law.  There are so many benefits: You are in charge of the outcome. A judge and their process does not control your family. We can move at your pace—fast or […]

What is a Living Will?

A common misunderstanding we face is about living wills.  Because it has the name “will” in it, people sometimes think its about their debts and assets.  But that is not the case.  Sometimes people get it confused with a living trust, which is another name for a revocable trust.  But its not that either. A […]

Probate: Definition and Timeline

What is Probate? Probate is what happens after someone dies and their loved ones need to finalize their business affairs.  Many people are afraid of probate.  Fortuantely, in Colorado the process is quite streamlined.  A person requests that the Court appoint him or her as the Personal Representative (aka Executor) of the estate.  Once appointed, […]

Married But Separated: What You Need to Know

Married But Separated: What You Need To Know   Many people stay married but separated for a while before deciding to file for divorce.  That can be a good idea so that you are sure that divorce is right for you.  But if you let it continue for too long there can be problems.  See […]

Colorado Divorce Timeline

How to Get a Divorce In Colorado While we all try to avoid divorce, sometimes it’s inevitable.  We work with our clients to find solutions that help everyone in their family be healthier in the long run.  One of the most important things we’ve found is helping our clients know what to expect in the […]

Guardian and Conservator Timeline

Heading Extra Guardianship/Conservatorship Timeline It is hard and scary when your elder loved one cannot take care of themselves or their money any more.  While the court system to get someone appointed to help may seem daunting, you can get through with some help and the right navigation.  Many people are confused about what to […]

Do I Need A Will Or A Trust?

Heading Extra Do I Need a Will Or a Trust? You’ve heard it from friends, or you’ve heard it on the TV.  You need a trust!  They are just instant that probate is terrible and you have to have a trust!  That may be true in other states, but not here in Colorado.  Our probate […]

Why a Divorce Attorney Is a Good Investment

Heading Extra By Selena Besirevic, Senior Attorney Let’s be honest: no one wants to hire an attorney until they have to. No one goes into a marriage or has a child and thinks “I will need a family law attorney one day”. Unfortunately, that is not the reality and many people end up needing a […]

4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce

Heading Extra 4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce 1. Ask attorneys if they offer an unbundled option.  Unbundled representation is having an attorney in your back pocket.  They can help you with analysis, strategy, and figuring out if what the other side offered is fair or not.  They can also review agreements with […]

Child Custody in Colorado (Hint: It’s Not Custody)

Heading Extra By Meggin Rutherford We often hear the term “child custody” in our everyday language.  So when you are considering a divorce or a break up from your child’s other parent, you’re probably worried about what the custody arrangement will be.      In Colorado, you won’t hear the term child custody.  It is […]