Guardianship and Conservatorship for Minors

Sometimes a parent cannot take care of their child themselves. That child is so fortunate to have you to care for them. Doctors and schools need formal documentation that you have the authority to make decisions for your child. A guardian makes decisions for the child’s physical well being and education. A conservator makes decisions for the child’s assets. You may need one or both. Call us to help you get through the court system correctly and easily so that you have the authority you need to care for the child. Here are the steps that will occur to finalize your guardianship or conservatorship:

  1. Prepare for filing. This includes gathering documentation and information and filling out paperwork.
  2. File a petition with the court.
  3. Notify the biological parents. If the whereabouts are not known, then we can publish notice.
  4. Have a finalization hearing.
  5. File annual reports.

We can also help with emergency guardianships to care for a child after a family accident or other event. We look forward to helping you through your guardianship process. Call us today for a telephone consultation.

* This is not legal advice for your particular situation, it is provided as educational guidance only. This does not form any legal relationship between the reader and the Rutherford Law Center, LLC. Please contact an attorney to ensure that you are doing what is required to protect your family.

“Meggin played an integral part in my maintaining joint custody of my daughters. She put her heart and soul in my case and because of her commitment and expertise I now enjoy being the father I have always dreamed of being. I don’t know how to say thank you enough Meggin. If I ever need legal advice I know where to go and can trust you. Thank you!”

–Father in Adams County