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Before Probate: What To Do After Someone Dies?


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      The old saying is that the only thing guaranteed in life is death and taxes.  Like all sayings, there is a grain (or a boulder) of truth.  Even though we don’t want to think about it, at some point those we love will die.  If you have been asked to be the personal representative of the estate for Probate, it can make a tough situation even harder.  You were entrusted by your loved one to take care of their interests after they’re gone, and we know that you take that responsibility seriously.

Whether you’re preparing for the inevitable so that you know what to do, or someone you love has passed away recently, here are the first steps that you should take to ensure that the estate is protected.


First Steps Before Probate Checklist







It’s Ok To Get Advice

Contact Us at Rutherford Law Center for a consultation: We will help your family with care and compassion. Probate can be overwhelming even in the best of times.  Let our dedicated team of attorneys and paralegals help you with the legal side so that you can focus on what is important—yourself and your family.


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