After Someone Dies

Sometimes the death of a loved one is expected, and sometimes it’s a surprise. No matter what, often we don’t know what to do. When a loved one passes away, here are some steps to help guide you:

  1. Determine your loved one’s wishes. What did they want for their remains? What did they want for a service in remembrance?
  2. Do what you need to do right away for your family. This includes setting up services, cremation, burial, etc. Make sure to keep up with payment for these services. Keep all receipts. If another family member pays for it, ask them for receipts or invoices so that the estate can pay them back.
  3. Talk to a probate attorney: We offer a free telephone consultation to determine if you need to file probate and if you want to hire us. The probate process can be confusing. Contact us today to help you through this hard time. We will ensure that you finalize your loved one’s estate correctly.

Determine if you need to file probate. You may need to file a probate case if:

  1. There is real estate.
  2. There are more than $63,000 in assets that do not otherwise go to others by pay on death.
  3. There are debts.
  4. Anyone is going to contest distribution of the estate.
  5. Any other reasons that cause you concern.

“I had a great experience. Both attorneys are so helpful. They got back to me quickly, and helped me with all the changes my family is going through. Helped to make a tough time easier.”

–Daughter and Power of Attorney in Jefferson County