You Hired a Divorce Lawyer.  Now What?

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We are genuinely honored that people chose us to help them do one of the hardest things they’ve ever done.  We understand how difficult this time is in your life.  It can be confusing to know what to expect and what will happen after you hire a divorce lawyer.  We hope that this will give you some information on what to expect.

 This blog details what will happen behind the scenes.  For a detailed timeline of the general divorce process, please download our Free E-Book for a wealth of additional information.  

  1. Establish Good Communication with the Other Side: We firmly believe that it is very important to have productive and professional relationships with the attorney or person on the other side of the case.  Calm, professional relationships lead to a higher probability of success in mediation and settlement. 
  2. Gather and Prepare Financial Disclosures: Financials are due quickly after the beginning of the case, and it is a lot of work (for you and us) to get them together.  The paralegal will help you through what you need to get to ensure that you’re complying with the law (and giving the other side less to complain about). 
  3. Handle Pressing Issues: If you have any pressing issues, we will do our best to help you with those.  You’re in a time of stress right now, so everything seems pressing.  However, legally, we are not able to handle everything right away.  Even in the best of times, it usually takes 3-4 months before we can get in front of a judge.  Examples of pressing issues include:
  1. How to pay the mortgage and bills.
  2. If someone is going to move out, and how that will happen. Parenting time if someone has moved out or is living separately.
  3. Alcohol or drug use problems that affect children.

    4. Review and Analyze Financial Disclosures: We will receive the financial disclosures from the other side and compare them with yours. 

    5. Agree on a Mediator: The best mediators are often booked far in advance.  The attorneys will discuss who they think will be a good mediator for your case and reach out to schedule that mediation.

    6. Consider Experts: Some families greatly benefit from the assistance of experts to ensure that agreements are made fairly and in the best interests of the children.  You will discuss with your attorney if any of these will help you.  Common experts include:
  1. Certified Divorce Financial Advisor
  2. Child experts like a CFI (child family investigator) or a PRE (parental responsibilities evaluator)
  3. Real estate appraiser or Realtor
  4. Vocational evaluator
  5. Pension valuation

7. Mediation Preparation:  We go into mediation fully prepared to reach a final settlement that day.  This means that we have the financials ready to go, we have all the documents we need, and we’ve prepared with you for possibilities before the day of mediation. 

8. Mediation and Settlement: Our goal is always to settle every case in mediation.  We usually can settle most issues in mediation, or in continued discussions after mediation. 

9. Final Hearing: We hope that you will not have a hearing with the court.  Sometimes, though, it can’t be helped.  If that occurs, we will send you more information about that process at the time.

10. Preparation of Final Documents: In order for everything to be final, we have to convert the MOU from mediation into a full separation agreement. 

11. Final Division of Assets: It is common that follow-up work is required to finalize the terms of your agreement. 

12. Withdrawal: Once everything is complete and we’ve received all the orders, then we will withdraw as your attorneys. 

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