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Meggin Rutherford

Meggin was awarded the 2020-2021 Colorado Bar Association Young Attorney of the Year award for her dedication to client and community service, in addition to her professional knowledge and skill.  The Gary McPherson Award recognizes a young attorney who is skilled in their area of law, as well as someone who makes a substantial positive change in the state.  Meggin was recognized for her work expanding the ability of families to find solutions out of court, and for her work and activism with the Colorado Legislature to make out-of-court solutions more accessible to all Coloradans.

Meggin has dedicated her career to serving families in the areas that they are most likely to need legal help: divorce, family law, estate planning, elder law, and probate. Meggin is dedicated to helping families find out-of-court ways to resolve their family law issues. She has helped families in divorce and probate with estates over 10 million dollars, and she has helped families living on minimum wage. Meggin is active in changing the legislation and judicial system to promote solutions-focused divorce resolutions by testifying to the Colorado Legislature and state Supreme Court committees about Collaborative Law and Divorce Options. She has been published in numerous magazines and websites, including the University of Colorado Amicus Magazine.  She has served as President and Vice President of the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals, among other organizations, to promote and expand solutions-focused resolution.

Meggin now specializes in complex divorce including high asset, high level and tech employees with unusual compensation packages, business ownership, and complex trusts.

From Meggin Herself:

I decided to go into law instead of academics because I love to help people. I relish learning new things every day. Most people face some kind of legal issue in their lives and we want to help you understand your options and make the choice that is right for you.  I have found a passion in helping people feel less stressed and more confident about what is going to happen as they move through the legal system.  The best compliment I can hear after speaking with someone is “I feel so much better now”.   I built this firm to have a place that provides compassionate and dedicated service to people in the areas that they are most likely to interact with the law: divorce, estate planning, elder law, and probate.

As part of my dedication to helping families find healthy paths forward I am the 2019-2020 president of the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals.  In that role I am helping running the state organization with a focus on marketing and promoting collaborative divorce, and the ways that it is a healthier process to the whole state.  I am also a part of the team that is taking the Uniform Collaborative Law Act to the state legislature, and will be testifying for its approval in the 2020 term.  Before serving as president of that organization, I served as executive vice president and president for training and education.  I am also the president of the Foothills Collaborative Divorce Professionals, a local practice group that I founded to serve the professionals in this area.

I have also volunteered with the Elder Law Day informational session in Jefferson County, and regularly provide guidance and talks regarding estate planning, elder law, and probate in the community.

I am from a family of proud Colorado pioneers.  Growing up in Amarillo, TX, I was an active member of the speech and debate team where I became a nationally ranked extemporaneous speaker.  This is where I learned what I love to do today: use my persuasive skills to help those in need. I was also involved in local 4-H club, the American Quarter Horse Association, and volunteered much of my time to various community groups.

While attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas, I was an active member of the pre-law society, the Leadership Institute, and the Student Development Board. I helped found and grow the Austin College Law Day. I also had the incredible experience of being able to travel to nine countries from Thailand to Timbuktu.

Returning to my home state, Colorado, I was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the University of Colorado Law School. While studying, I participated in the Doman International Law Society, the Student Trial Lawyers Society, and many mock trials and moot court events.  I graduated in the top half of my class and passed the bar in 2009.

During my education I received many awards and held many positions. These include: Phi Beta Kappa, President and Secretary, Pre-Law Society, Recipient, Bernard J. Seeman Scholarship, Author: “Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Feminist or Feminine Jurisprudence?” Pi Sigma Alpha Chi Political Science Journal. Top Oralist, 2009 Carrigan Cup Mock Trial Competition, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado. Top Grade Earner, Motions Advocacy, University of Colorado Law School, Boulder, Colorado. Participant, Regional Competition for Jessup International Law Moot Court.

When I have free time I enjoy playing with my children, reading, sewing, crafting, and working on our urban homestead with our dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, bees, and garden. I also volunteer extensively with Girl Scouts, Jefferson Unitarian Church, the West Side Jew Crew, and HaMakom.