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Divorce Agreements Without Court

Do you want to create a thorough and lasting divorce or family law agreement and not go to trial? Mediation is one of the best ways to control your own divorce. Let us help you create your own solution.

Mediators Are Neutral

In mediation, we do not serve as your attorney, so we do not represent or advocate for either side.

Instead, we work to find solutions that are acceptable to both of you. We do this by identifying your underlying needs and requirements, and coming up with creative solutions that will serve both of you in the long term.

We also provide the additional services of guidance through the filing process and instructions on the correct state forms and how to navigate the system. You do not receive that guidance from a state mediator.

Get The Benefit of Our Experience

Hiring the attorney mediators at The Rutherford Law Center, LLC, is far superior to hiring the state or county mediators. We give you ample time to ensure that we have reached agreements and that we really understand your needs. We don’t rush you out after just a few hours if you need more time.

We are also attorneys as well as mediators. That means that we have seen where agreements fall apart, and know how to draft an agreement that will close as many loop-holes and what if’s as possible.

When Do We Mediate?

Most people do mediation after they have filed paperwork with the court, and it is ordered.  However, you can do mediation before filing documents, too.

In fact, that is the best way to do it! If you hire us to mediate for you we will walk you through the disclosure process, help you come to agreements, and guide you through the correct paperwork to file with the court. You will then be able to finalize your case with only one or two brief court appearances.

If you have already filed with the court, we can help you as well. We will sit down with you, work out agreements, and then guide you through how to file the finalization paperwork. No matter where you are in the process, we can help.

When is Mediation Appropriate?

Mediation is appropriate whether you are going through an initial divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities filing, or whether you need to modify prior agreements or child support. We can help in all family law situations.

Contact us today for a consultation so that we can start helping you control your own future through a mediated settlement.

“Meggin has shown kindness in her approach. My situation was difficult and emotionally taxing for me. By stepping in and handling the direct communication with the court and the opposing party, my stress level was greatly reduced. I felt reassured that with her help, I could navigate the legal aspect without making my situation worse. Meggin also was considerate and understanding of my personal and religious needs, I had not expected that, so I am very grateful. For all of this her fees were reasonable and affordable.”

–Husband in Arapahoe County