Without Court

Family Court can destroy you emotionally and financially.

But divorce does not have to destroy your life. Let us help you find a better way to move forward with your life.

Mediation provides expert help with plans and paperwork at a fraction of the cost.  Learn how you can get a divorce without fights, only solutions.  All attorneys at Rutherford Law are trained and experienced mediators.

Collaborative Law is an innovative field where both parties hire an attorney who is focused on settlement, not fighting.  Each gets individualized advice and care with dedication to not fight at court.  See how a professional team can help you solve even the most complex divorces without going to court.

The attorneys at Rutherford Law are dedicated to growing out-of-court solutions.  Meggin serves as the president of the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals and has been a key player in getting the Uniform Collaborative Law Act.  She has taught about Collaborative Divorce to professionals and the public all over the state and across many media platforms.  Come work with the best settlement attorneys to help your family.