Why a Divorce Attorney Is a Good Investment

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By Selena Besirevic, Senior Attorney

Let’s be honest: no one wants to hire an attorney until they have to. No one goes into a marriage or has a child and thinks “I will need a family law attorney one day”. Unfortunately, that is not the reality and many people end up needing a family attorney’s assistance. Here is why it’s a good investment to have an attorney in your corner:

  • Your Attorney will guide you throughout the legal process, know which documents to file, know what the next steps are and know the deadlines that could be detrimental to your case if missed. Of course, the attorney will also represent you in Court so you are not left alone to represent your case in such an intimidating environment.
  • Your Attorney will fight for you so you are not overpowered by the other side, bullied or pressured into taking an agreement that is not best for you or your children.
  • Your Attorney will know exactly what action to take if the other side is not compliant with the Court Orders or if they are sabotaging the case.
  • Your Attorney will know what rights you have under the law and what should be rightfully yours.
  • Your Attorney can assist you in reaching an agreement with the other side because a skillful attorney knows that not every case needs to end up in Court.
  • Your Attorney will listen to you and hear your story when you feel like no one is listening and this attorney will be your voice in Court.
  • Your Attorney can ease your mind with explaining how the process works and take on some of the burden you are carrying to make the transition into a new chapter a bit easier.
  • Your Attorney can also be very direct with you and set your expectations so you know what is coming, what is possible and what the reality of the Court’s system is so you are not blindsided down the road.

Having an attorney in your corner who has deep rooted passion for helping people in your situation and for having enough empathy and strength to carry you on her/his shoulder through this difficult time can be life-changing. And we are Rutherford Law Center do just that. If you need our assistance, please call us at 303-431-0415

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