Quiz: Which Divorce Option is Right For You?

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You have many choices when it comes to how you get a divorce.  One of the most important decisions you will make when getting a divorce is how you decide to start.  Take our 6 question quiz below to see which might be the best for you.

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Are you ready?  Lets see what option may suit your family best.

1) What are your assets?

1 Point: Very little (a credit card and bank account)
2 Points: Some (bank account, savings account, little retirement, house)
3 Points: Decent (bank account, retirement, savings, investment, house)
4 Points: Substantial (large accounts, own a business, complex investments)

2) What is your level of hostility?

1 Point: Eh, ok. We’re getting a divorce. But we can talk.
2 Points: We have fights over hard things, but I think with help we can talk.
3 Points: We fight most days, but with work and guidance I think we can reach agreements.
4 Points: It’s like a WWE match around here, but with more drama and less costumes (at least less spandex).

3) What is your level of trust in each other?

1 Point: I trust them to do what is right and not try to pull anything.
2 Points: I mostly trust them. I want to make sure that everything is right though.
3 Points: I’m pretty sure that they may try to hide something if they think they can get away with it.
4 Points: I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. After they ate a large meal. And I haven’t been exercising.

4) How much do you disagree about issues with the children?

1 Point: We agree on most decisions and discipline.
2 Points: We have some disagreements but we’ve been able to get it worked through.
3 Points: We have had some major disagreements that were only solved by one of us doing something that the other disagreed with.
4 Points: We have fundamental disagreements about how to parent our children and we struggle to make any decisions.

5) Have you experienced any emotional, physical, or verbal domestic violence in your relationship (either been the giver or receiver)? Take this quiz to find out if you are unsure: https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/domestic-violence-quiz/

1 Point: No, we’ve never had those kinds of troubles.
2 Points: We’ve had some fights that were a bit troubling.
3 Points: Yes, we have had physical altercations or substantial emotional abuse.
4 Points: There is a history of continued and repeated domestic abuse.

6) How confident are you in your ability to do paperwork and understand complex asset and debt division?

1 Point: I’m an accounting and paperwork ninja OR there are not assets and debts in our divorce.
2 Points: I’m ok, I know my way around an Xcel spreadsheet.
3 Points: Well, I usually manage to get my paperwork in on time, and its generally filled out, mostly.
4 Points: Where did I put those bills I needed to pay last month? Maybe in the freezer?

Drum roll: Here are your results:

20-24 points: You are a good candidate for collaborative divorce or litigation. A skilled attorney is highly recommended.

15-18 points: Collaborative law may be a great choice for you. You will get support from professionals dedicated to keeping you out of court and who will help make sure your agreement is fair.

11-15 points: You should consider mediation with an attorney mediator or collaborative law if you both want an attorney. They will help you with the tough points while being cost effective and keeping you out of court.

6-10 points: DIY may be an option for you with the Colorado State Forms. Consider a state mediator and an unbundled meeting with an attorney.

Free Divorce Planning E-Book Here

Free Divorce Options Workshops Here

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***If you answered that there is substantial domestic violence you should contact someone to help you soon. Domestic violence situations should be helped by experienced attorneys, and can still qualify for Collaborative Divorce. However, you should ensure that you are safe.

Disclaimer: of course we can’t advise you of what is your best option without talking to you in person. This is not legal advice, but a framework to help you think about your options.

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