Colorado Divorce Timeline

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How to Get a Divorce In Colorado

While we all try to avoid divorce, sometimes it’s inevitable.  We work with our clients to find solutions that help everyone in their family be healthier in the long run.  One of the most important things we’ve found is helping our clients know what to expect in the divorce process.  

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Divorce Timeline:

  1. Filing the case: We file with the court and usually get a case number and other relevant orders within 24 hours. Make sure you read the case management order I send to you.


  1. Financial Disclosures: Each party has to provide the other with financial disclosures. Complications may arise regarding what is included or not included, or what is marital property or not.


  1. Sworn Financial Statement: Each party must prepare and share a sworn financial statement with each other and the Court. We help walk you through this process and ensure that yours is accurate.  


  1. Initial Status Conference: This must occur within 40 days of filing the case. This is a scheduling conference for the next steps in the case.


  1. Parenting Class: If you have minor children, you will need to take this class sooner rather than later. It will teach you how to make the divorce easiest on your children.


  1. Temporary Orders Hearing: If you are not able to reach agreements we will have a hearing to establish temporary support and maintenance.


  1. Mediation: Mediation is required in all Colorado cases that cannot reach agreement otherwise. We firmly believe in mediation and have over a 95% success rate in reaching mediated settlements without court.  Mediated settlements with an attorney also result in less fighting down the road, and less court conflict later in your life.


  1. Hearing: If we cannot agree on some or all of the issues, we will go to a hearing in front of the judge. If this is the case, you will be required to provide more financial documents or submit to other questioning. It is also very expensive. However, if there is no other choice, a judge will have to decide.


  1. Decree of Divorce: The Court can issue a decree on or after 91 days after filing. If we have everything agreed on by that date, then the Court will grant the final decree as soon as it is able. If we do not, the court will issue the decree after we have submitted our final documents, or after the court has issued an order.


What to expect: Divorce is not an easy thing to do. It is difficult emotionally, physically, and financially. I am here to help you get the best that you can from an unfortunate situation. Getting the best for you does not necessarily mean ripping the other person to shreds. It means getting the best deal for you with the least headache, financial loss, and emotional damage possible. Agreeing to a settlement in mediation is less expensive, and less emotionally damaging, to all parties involved. Going to trial is an option if the other party will not be reasonable. You will have many questions, we want to help through everything, so ask as many as you need to understand. You will be concerned about how this will affect any children, and I can help guide you through the best way to help them. Though this will not be an easy time, I will be here to help you through all of the legal aspects of your case. We look forward to helping you.

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