Child Custody in Colorado (Hint: It’s Not Custody)

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Heading Extra

By Meggin Rutherford

We often hear the term “child custody” in our everyday language.  So when you are considering a divorce or a break up from your child’s other parent, you’re probably worried about what the custody arrangement will be.   


In Colorado, you won’t hear the term child custody.  It is an all or nothing term—either you have the custody or you don’t.  But a child is not a lamp that is in one parent’s custody or not.  A child is a living human who needs both parents for help and support.  So, many years ago, Colorado lead the charge in changing the language around parenting for divorced parents by changing the words that we use.  


You will not hear us talk about parenting time and decision making.  This shift in language is important.  Now a child is not an object to be won or lost.  Instead, each parent enjoys parenting time with their child.  Some have more and some have less, and some have 50/50.  But they are all parents with parenting time. 


Decision making is also important to think about.  Even if a parent lives far away and can’t have as much time with the child, they can still be involved in the decisions for the child.  So even if a parent doesn’t have 50/50 parenting time, they can still have 50/50 decision making for their child.  This allows them to still be a vital part of the child’s life even if they’re not always there in person. 


Your child is almost always better off with the parents share parenting time and decision making.  (The most important exception is in cases of substantial addiction or domestic violence).  Let us help you reach agreements that will serve you long into the future so that you can keep being the great parent that you are.  Contact us at 303-431-0415 or through our contact us link above for your consultation.

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