Sometimes, when one or both parents are unable to care for a child, it is best for the child to be adopted by a person who cares for them. Fortunately, we can get a formal adoption through the court.

If you are a step-parent, grandparent, or guardian who has had the child for more than six months, and one or both of the parents are not in the picture, we are happy to help. There are ways to adopt the child so that the law deems the child to be fully yours. I love to help families get the legal recognition for the family that they already have.

If someone is asking you to give up your parental rights for adoption, you need to know your rights and responsibilities. This is not something to be done lightly. We will talk through your options to make sure that you are protected.

Contact us today for a consultation to ensure that your family is legally complete.

“I have been lucky enough to use Meggin as my lawyer for the last 3 years. She has been fantastic and explains everything that is going on, which is really helpful when you aren’t savvy in that area. She is well spoken, very intelligent and a wonderful person to be around. I am very satisfied with her abilities and attention to detail.”

Father in Jefferson County