4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce

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4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce

1. Ask attorneys if they offer an unbundled option.  Unbundled representation is having an attorney in your back pocket.  They can help you with analysis, strategy, and figuring out if what the other side offered is fair or not.  They can also review agreements with you before you sign so that you can make sure there are no loopholes or big issues that you missed.  Your peace of mind, and long term success, is well worth a few hours consultation with an expert.


2. Hire an attorney mediator to help you settle your divorce.  They can’t give you legal advice (what you can and can’t do), but they can bring their many years of experience to help both of you.  You are then also assured that your agreements are well written and that you haven’t missed any big issues that may come up later.


3. Don’t jump to conclusions!  I’ve seen so many people pay taxes that they didn’t need to pay, or loose out on a really good settlement option, because they assumed that they would have to do something and did it before going to mediation.  Don’t sell your house, don’t divide any assets or debts, and don’t divide any retirement. Don’t make any major decisions that you can’t reverse until you have your agreement finalized.


4. Find the right attorney: hiring a quality, settlement focused, attorney can actually save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.  They will be able to make sure that the agreement is good for you, that there aren’t any hidden pitfalls in the future, and that you really understand what you are doing.  Don’t forget the cost of stress on your life.  If you hire an attorney who really cares about you, and who is really focused on getting a fair settlement, you will be happy you did in the long run.

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