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Your Best Divorce? Is there such a thing?

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You’re probably already giving me a funny look. That phrase seems to be an oxymoron if there ever was one. But with some thought and planning you really can have a successful divorce that is best for you and your family.

A best divorce is NOT one that ruins your relationship, drains your bank account, and destroys your mental health.

A best divorce is one where the following have been met (as much as possible) for all the members of the family:

  1. Reduce emotional damage
  2. Reduce financial damage (invest wisely in your dissolution)
  3. Maintain a parenting relationship
  4. Meet your goals

We hope that you will find our FREE E-BOOK on Divorce Planning helpful as you start down this journey.  It contains 12 pages of thorough and thoughtful information to help you. 

Your 4 Steps To A Smoother Divorce

  1. Identify Your Goals: You need to have an end point in mind when you start. In order to do that, you should have financial goals, emotional goals, and personal goals set before you begin. These need to be immediate, mid-term, and long term. You may not be able to meet all of these goals, but knowing what is important before you begin will help you immensely when you are making decisions. For help developing these goals, see my post YOUR BEST DIVORCE STEP 1: ENVISION YOUR FUTURE


  1. Find the Right Method: How you get a divorce is almost the most important decision you can make. If you are able to make decisions outside of court, then you should seriously consider Collaborative Divorce. If you need more deadlines and guidance, then we can help you reach resolution within the traditional court framework. See my post YOUR BEST DIVORCE STEP 2: FIND THE RIGHT METHOD


  1. Find the Right Attorney: Your attorney will be guiding you through every step of the process. You will have to talk about the hardest decisions in your life with your attorney. You need to feel comfortable and confident with them. They should share your goals and have creative ideas to help you get there. But they also need to be realistic and guide you when reality and what you want don’t add up. For help finding the right attorney, see my post YOUR BEST DIVORCE STEP 3: FIND THE RIGHT ATTORNEY


  1. Find the Right Therapist: You are going to need help emotionally getting through the process. While we have a lot of experience as armchair therapists, and we could even play one on TV, it is much cheaper and better for you to find a therapist who you trust to help guide you. Your children will also need a therapist to help. You may also consider a Divorce Coach. See our post YOUR BEST DIVORCE STEP 4: FIND THE RIGHT THERAPIST AND DIVORCE COACH


You will be able to move forward to more peace.  EMAIL or call us today to schedule your consult with one of our experienced attorneys. 

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