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Family Law

When your family is in turmoil you need to turn to someone who you can trust. You have to worry about yourself, your children, and all of that paperwork. Dealing with the court, your ex, and the forms, can be overwhelming. Let us help you create solutions for your family so that you can move forward.

Family law describes a wide range of situations including:

We practice revolutionary family law: we focus on our clients and we try to come to the best solutions outside of court. Hiring us does not mean that you’re going to spend a fortune fighting in court. It means that we will work together to find a way forward for you that serves you and your child’s best interest.

Divorce agreement.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict the future and we can’t control the person on the other side. While we do everything that we can to create solutions without court, we will not allow you to be steamrolled by the other person. If we cannot reach reasonable settlement then we will confidently go into court to represent what is best for you. We want to ensure that you are protected, and if that means bringing our case to the judge then that is what we will do. Our focus is what is best for you—in or out of court.

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“Meggin is a great attorney. We had an uphill “no win” battle in the county that is anti fathers rights. Things could have been worse if not for Meggin’s help. Still have a ways to go but, I feel better knowing that she is in my corner.” –Father in Jefferson County