Why Attorneys Love Online Wills


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There is a well known fact among trust and estates attorneys: online wills are actually better for business than doing the will for them in the first place.  Why? Because messy probates are always way more expensive than doing the estate package.  If they do an online will then it is much more likely their family will have to spend thousands on an attorney to fix the mess after they pass away.  Meggin even had a case where a state judge wrote his own will and still managed to mess it up. 

We don’t want your family to waste money and time.  As we hope you’ll find out soon, we’re not your normal law firm.  We are deeply dedicated to client service and creating solutions.  The biggest complement we receive is when someone finishes their initial consultation and says “I feel so much better now, thank you so much.”  We strive to make life easier for every person who calls or walks through the door.

We want your family to be able to finalize your business affairs smoothly and easily.  They will already be grieving for the loss of their loved one.  We want to ensure that the probate process is easy and not filled with headache and heartache.  Invest in an estate plan that you can trust to ensure that your family does not waste money on unnecessary lawyers after you pass.

A quality estate plan is a wise investment.  Costs at the Rutherford Law Center are $750 for one person’s full estate plan and $950 for a couple.  If a trust is necessary additional cost is added as is appropriate.  It is very likely that you do not need a trust, and we frequently talk people out of the additional cost for a trust. 

This cost is insignificant when compared with the cost of a contested probate from an online will that cost over $10,000 to the estate!  Attorneys fees alone for a highly contested estate can easily run over $30,000 PER ATTORNEY.   The worst that we are involved in has run to a total professionals cost of over $100,000, and it’s not even finished.  Now you can see why attorneys love online wills—it is more lucrative in the long run to clean up a mess done with an improper will than it is to have a correct will in the first place.  

Quality estate planning will save your family thousands.  We frequently help families administer a properly done estate plan for less than $3000 in total cost (including filing, attorneys, etc).  It is not uncommon for us to only be about $1000 for advising on the sidelines to make sure that accounts are transferred correctly.  We hope that your family won’t even need us at all if they feel comfortable with the state forms.

Meggin, Emily, Selena, and Debby don’t want to see your loved ones to waste money, time, and emotional damage from a poorly done will.  Let us help you have an estate plan you can be confident about.  Every estate plan at the Rutherford Law Center includes the following for each person:

  • Personalized attention and meetings to ensure your wishes are followed
  • Will (including a contingent trust if you have children)
  • Memorandum of Disposition of Property
  • Living Will
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Medical Directives
  • Disposition of My Remains Directives
  • Information for My Family (easy resource about who to contact, what bills to pay, etc)
  • Guardianship Designation (if you have minor children)
  • Temporary Guardianship Designation (if you have minor children)
  • Extensive FAQs and instructions for how to handle the most common situations.
  • Brochures about the rules of powers of attorney and personal representatives.
  • Ongoing telephone support from the attorneys at the Rutherford Law Center for questions about the documents.

During the Covid-19 crisis, all services are available entirely online with not contact necessary.  We hope that we can help you during these trying times.

Call us at 303-431-0415 to get your no-cost, no-obligation phone conference with an attorney and intake forms to complete.


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