Helping Our Heroes: Reduced Cost Estate Planning

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We cannot begin to give enough thanks to the people who are going onto the front lines of this pandemic to help our country and our community.  I don’t think that there will ever be a way that we can express enough appreciation.  But we’ve decided on a way that we can help—by providing quality estate planning services to those on the front lines at reduced cost.  And for those who are the most at risk with the least resources, we are giving away 4 FREE estate plans.  The first 50 people who are front line responders get HALF PRICE estate plans.  This service is all contact-free and will be done online.


You’re probably wondering what is in an estate plan from the Rutherford Law Center.  We aim to provide a comprehensive and easy to use resource for you and your family.  This is what our estate plans include.   These are FAQs about estate planning.  We know that this is an overwhelming and scary time and we want to help put your mind at ease about one aspect of your life.


Lawyers can be a pain in the butt (I warned my husband not to marry a lawyer).  So we can’t stop ourselves: below are the terms and conditions. 


4 FREE Estate Plans: If you are a CNA or hospital janitorial staff and are a single parent, we are giving away 4 FREE entire estate plans.  Contact us through our contact form and get the information and intake forms.  The first four who qualify who return their paperwork will get the FREE estate plans.  Others who qualify will receive a further discount off of our ½ price cost—you will get a full estate plan for only $300. 


HALF PRICE Estate Planning for those on the front lines of the Covid fight.  This includes all hospital staff, police, firefighters, EMTs, office medical personnel working in person with patients, or others who have direct contact with people who may be suffering from Covid.  The cost for a couple is $475, for a single person is $400.  (Regularly $950 and $800).  The first 50 people who provide payment and complete their intake forms within two weeks will qualify. 


Reduced Price Estate Planning Any others who qualify but who are not in the first 50 get a further reduction from our regular cost.  Front line Heroes Cost is $800 for a couple and $600 for a single person (regular $950 for a couple and $800 for single).

All clients must live in Colorado (anywhere in the state is fine).  Proof of employment (photo of your name badge) required for all.  This promotion is available until May 1st, or whenever the numbers of participants have been met. 

CONTACT US HERE to get your intake forms and information about how we can help protect your family.


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