Several times a month we have people calling and asking for a simple will.  They think they just need the one document about what happens to their things and that is enough.  But when we talk, they don’t have any powers of attorney, they haven’t told their family what they want to happen when they pass away, and they don’t have a living will.  Getting an estate plan is so much more than just a will.  It is comprehensive disability and estate planning so that you and your family can have peace of mind. 

Often people try to write their own wills if they think it is simple.  Lawyers Love Online Wills (check out the blog at that link) because it ensures that the family has to spend a lot more money to fix the mistakes later.  We have helped many families where their loved one just needed a “simple will” and did it themselves.  We ended up fighting in court, and the loved ones’ wishes were not able to be followed.  Meggin even had a case where a state judge wrote his own will and still managed to mess it up.

Estate Planning is so much more than just a will.  I once heard a lawyer say “you can only die once, but you can be incapacitated for years.”  Disability planning is an essential part of a quality estate plan.  You need to plan for who will take care of your medical and financial decisions when you are not able to do so.  Do you have the following things?

We want to give you peace of mind and make life easier for you and your family.  Every estate plan at the Rutherford Law Center includes the following for each person:

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