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You Deserve Good Legal Information

It can be overwhelming to make decisions when you know you need legal help.  If you’re facing a divorce, you may not know what your options are or where to start.  If you need to make a will and/or trust, it’s hard to think about your eventual passing. 

We hope that our Free E-Books will provide you with helpful information and guidance so that you can make the best decisions for your family. 

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What is In The E-Book?

Why is it worth your time and energy to download our E-Books?  Simply because you will not find more thorough or focused information about your choices from an attorney elsewhere.  We aim to provide you with meaningful information that you need to know before you make big choices.

Your Divorce E-Book Includes:

  • Your Divorce Choices
  • 4 Steps To Your Best Divorce
  • Quiz: Which Option is Right For You?
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Divorce Timeline
  • What’s Next?

Your Estate Planning E-Book Includes:

  • What is an Estate Plan?
  • Why Do I Need an Estate Plan?
  • Do I Need a Trust?
  • How Do I Get An Estate Plan?
  • What Are My Documents?
  • How To Plan.

We hope that your free E-Book will give you valuable information and peace of mind about either planning for a divorce or estate planning.

What Happens When I Put In My Information?

When you enter your information you will NOT be spammed.  We promise.  We hate spam with a passion.  Your information will not be sold to anyone else.  That’s tacky and unethical.  You will receive one  e-mail thanking you for your interest and letting you know how you can set up a consultation.  Our goal is to help you understand your choices and plan for a better future (but it will probably still include spam emails from other people.  We’re not magic).

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