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About Debby

Debby joined the Rutherford Law Firm in 2017, but she is really the cause for our whole firm!  Debby is Meggin’s mother, and a retired elementary principal.  When she retired, Meggin recruited her to join the firm.  Debby helps us all as our Office Manager extraordinaire, as well as being the first person people talk to on the phone when they call in.  She loves playing with grandkids, gardening, cooking, and reading.  Give Debby a call to set up your initial consultation. 

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Debby Rutherford

After graduating from Colorado State University with an undergraduate degree in Spanish, we moved to Texas, where I pursued my teaching certification and master’s degree in Education Administration.   As a teacher and principal for thirty years, I was privileged to work teaching and supporting teachers and children, along with their parents in a diverse neighborhood. 

Upon retiring, we returned home to Colorado to be closer to family.  I enjoy working part time as the paralegal at The Rutherford Law Center, helping those in need of legal services.   I also hold a special title of Nana to two wonderful grandchildren!