What is a Living Will?

A common misunderstanding we face is about living wills.  Because it has the name “will” in it, people sometimes think its about their debts and assets.  But that is not the case.  Sometimes people get it confused with a living trust, which is another name for a revocable trust.  But its not that either. A […]

Probate: Definition and Timeline

What is Probate? Probate is what happens after someone dies and their loved ones need to finalize their business affairs.  Many people are afraid of probate.  Fortuantely, in Colorado the process is quite streamlined.  A person requests that the Court appoint him or her as the Personal Representative (aka Executor) of the estate.  Once appointed, […]

Married But Separated: What You Need to Know

Married But Separated: What You Need To Know   Many people stay married but separated for a while before deciding to file for divorce.  That can be a good idea so that you are sure that divorce is right for you.  But if you let it continue for too long there can be problems.  See […]