4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce

Heading Extra 4 Ways to Save Money In Your Divorce 1. Ask attorneys if they offer an unbundled option.  Unbundled representation is having an attorney in your back pocket.  They can help you with analysis, strategy, and figuring out if what the other side offered is fair or not.  They can also review agreements with […]

Child Custody in Colorado (Hint: It’s Not Custody)

Heading Extra By Meggin Rutherford We often hear the term “child custody” in our everyday language.  So when you are considering a divorce or a break up from your child’s other parent, you’re probably worried about what the custody arrangement will be.      In Colorado, you won’t hear the term child custody.  It is […]

Estate Planning and Retirement Planning

Heading Extra For Even More Information About Estate Planning, Download Our Free E-Book HERE As you prepare for your future you want to make sure that you are protected, and that your family is protected as well.  This includes retirement planning for yourself and any spouse, to ensure that you will have the income you […]